Suicide Prevention for Non Clinical Workers Training

This presentation primarily focus on the non-clinical role...

such as peer recovery coaching, of suicide prevention in health care and recovery centers. This training will provide an overview of mental health, mental illness and its relationship to suicide. Review the relationship between substance use and suicide. Participants will learn crisis response protocol and how to navigate a discussion around suicide. This training will discuss the role of a recovery coach and suicide prevention versus the roles of a clinician.


  • Learn the definition of Suicide and its meaning
  • Learn the definition of Suicide and its meaning Gain a strong understanding of mental health versus mental illness
  • Learn to recognize and understand risk factors and protective factors
  • Skills for intervening with individuals at risk and connecting them with appropriate resources

A Little About Your Trainer

Choices Peer Recovery Coach Trainings was founded in 2018 by Ginger Ross. She has authored all of the trainings offered by Choices, Peer Recovery Support Trainings.

In 2019, after her work in the field as program manager for some state funded peer coach programs, specifically, Sober Parenting Journey, Strength To Succeed, while also still providing trainings, she decided to create her own Peer Recovery Coach Training

Choices Peer Coach Recovery Trainings pioneer the way in bridging the gap between addiction, abuse and recovery by supporting peer recovery coaches on their journeys forward, providing the foundation required to realize their potential and sustain success in this critical, but challenging field.

Choices Peer Recovery Coach Trainings © are nationally approved peer recovery coach trainings, designed to provide effective knowledge, skills and tools for those seeking to better understand recovery, recovery coaching, faith-based peer coaching, and peer recovery support work. Choices Peer Recovery Coach Trainings provide the foundational skills necessary to begin working in the recovery field.

Join The Suicide Prevention for Non Clinical Workers Virtual Training.

This training will be held virtually on Feb. 17th, from 9:00-4:30PM EST. You must attend full session to receive the full 6 CEs.

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